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Your Recommended Shoe Type:

Neutral Casual Shoe

Based on your answers we recommend a Neutral Casual Shoes for you.  This shoe has more cushioning in it to soften impact to the ball of the foot and the heel when walking.

Wearing Neutral Casual Shoes will allow you to:

  • Go about everyday things such as going shopping or going out for coffee while being comfortable and providing extra support
  • Reduce rubbing or blistering
  • Look the part without compromising support for your feet

To purchase a pair of neutral casual shoes, we recommend:

The Footwear Store 

510/536 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750

The Footwear Store is located inside OnePointHealth and focuses on Podiatry recommended footwear that can accommodate orthotics.

The Footwear Store was founded by a group of Sydney's best Podiatrists who understand the importance of good, supportive footwear that can accommodate orthotics.  All of their products have been approved by our in house Podiatrists and all provide exceptional support and comfort.


Get 10% off the purchase of any shoe from the sports stability range.

The following code has been sent to your email inbox. Please present the code on your phone in-store to claim your discount:


The Footwear Store 

510/536 High Street
Penrith NSW 2750

Disclaimer - this quiz does not substitute professional advice and it is always recommended to get a proper shoe fitting for the best fit.

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