One of the biggest misconceptions we hear from people on a daily basis is that their heel pain is due to plantar fasciitis. BUT this is not always the case!

Take the quiz and discover whether the pain is likely due to Plantar Fasciitis

We understand friends and other health professionals have great intentions in telling people with heel pain what is wrong with their feet and how to get better.  The issue is though, not every pain in the foot is plantar fasciitis.  There are many other things that could be the problem and getting the right diagnosis is crucial before getting treatment and finally relieving the pain

The Plantar Fasciitis Quiz is for people who:

  • Can't go to work comfortably or perform their duties because of heel pain
  • Are frustrated that they can’t exercise and stay healthy
  • Can’t play with kids or grandkids
  • Getting depressed because of the pain and stay in bed all day
  • Can’t get out of bed in the morning
  • Can’t wear the shoes that they like

Disclaimer - this quiz does not substitute professional medical advice and it is always recommended to come in and see us for a diagnosis and if you are in pain.

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